Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb. 9, 2015 - Thoughts on Service and Consecration

It is good to hear from home. Today the internet was actually reasonably fast for some reason. I  prayed for it to be so before we left the flat so I guess it is just a blessing from the Lord. That is good to hear about the (Legacy HS) wrestling team. I don't know why I enjoy hearing about those types of things so much. Like it absolutely has no affect on me out here, but I guess I just enjoy the glimpses of my old mates.

I have been thinking that I want my kids to learn commitment. I feel like somewhere along the way all of us just got too lazy and lost sight of the blessings of hard work. I don't know why we all turned out that way. I wish I had been able to see a glimpse of the blessings and benefits of working hard. It's good to hear about Aaron and wrestling. I really pray that he enjoys wrestling and wants to succeed more than anything and will commit to working as hard as he can.

That is an amazing story about Jordan (this is Adam's cousin that had a dislocated elbow injury last week during the Utah state wrestling qualifier tournament). That would have been gruesome to witness. I hate watching others go into intense pain. I remember at one wrestling camp, this kid broke his arm and just started screaming. It just sent chills throughout my whole body. I will definitely pray for him.

With regards to the making and keeping covenants (as it applies to serving in callings with all of your heart) - I totally agree. I have really been doing a lot of thinking on my shortcomings to all of the things that the Lord expects of us as disciples and followers of Him. I have made it a goal for when I get back after my mission to be that brother who the Lord can count on no matter what. I know that I did not do my duty during my high school years to magnify my priesthood and to be a faithful member of His church. I think though that the biggest issue for most people is that they really don't love the Lord (they may profess it, but they don't really feel it to the point of ACTION). They don't consecrate everything to him. I definitely felt back home that I had done enough. That isn't good though. It is not enough to do enough, you must give everything and at some point the Lord will accept your sacrifice and your calling and election will be made sure. Serving a mission has given me the opportunity to see wards (a geographical area of membership...similar to a Catholic parish) from a different perspective and you can definitely see which members are consecrated and which ones are just doing what is the expectation. 

I have also been doing a lot of thinking on this with regards to gaining that sure witness of all things. Throughout the scriptures, the prophets describe the visions that they have had, and also in the April conference, Boyd k Packer, gave a talk called the witness where he described when he received that witness for himself. I desire to receive that witness, but know that my sacrifice up to this point of my life is far from sufficient to be able to be worthy enough to even ask for one. I guess I was just wondering if you have had similar thoughts or feelings and what gave you comfort or direction in you service? 


Elder Otterson

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