Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tough Work in Mornington


Man that is sweet - Ashton looks bigger or's a little weird (remarking on the photo that he was sent regarding his youngest brother Ashton's win at his Cub Scout Pinewood Derby - photo attached below for reference). That is cool that he won.  Looks like he did not have time paint it (as a side-note, it was red on the sides and gold on top - Iron Man's just difficult to see with the angle that he's holding it at).

Australia day was this weekend and we had a ward activity up at Arthur's Seat national park ( It was pretty awesome and I had an opportunity to play cricket, which was a bit interesting. 

That is awesome for Ryan Deakin and Matt Hebel (referring to the fact that they took 1st and 3rd, respectively, at the very tough Top of the Rockies wresting tournament last weekend).  Great to hear that Aaron had a good wrestle-off in Arizona as well - I know he will do well.  He hasn't written to me in a couple of weeks, but I look forward to hearing about how he's doing in the sport and at school.

Work is hard here. I apparently am in the ritzy part of Australia where everyone vacations for the summer. When I got here there were no investigators at all so we have been tracting (finding people, typically door-to-door) for most of the time. I put in 16 hours this week, which is a lot of hours. 

Last week I didn't write a letter because there wasn't a lot to talk about unfortunately.  The computers are really slow here.  It takes 30 minutes to log in, so I'm sorry - no pictures.

I love all of you

Put 100 percent into the Lord!

Elder Otterson

Adam's youngest brother Ashton - wins the 2015 Pinewood Derby!

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