Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mission Christmas Party...and A Christmas Miracle

What's up?

This week was pretty sweet. We drove around on p-day looking for a good spot to fish but couldn't find any. It was still fun and we were able to just chill by the docks and enjoy each others company. I'm including some pics of the skyline and the dock. The skyline is really quite beautiful and the ocean gives it a nice feel.  We had a Mission Christmas party on Wednesday. It was super fun and pretty amazing to see how many missionaries there are in this mission - and the Tasmania missionaries weren't even in attendance. They had a talent show. There and there are so many Islanders in this mission so it was pretty sweet - I saw a Hawaiian dance and song, a Vanuatu song, a Samoan/Tahitian dance, and a Fijian song. After that they showed us a movie which was super weird because it was "How to Train Your Dragon 2" which normally wouldn't be approved. It was just weird to see a real movie while on a mission. They served us food and then we had a devotional which was super cool. This Christmas season we are reading the gospels as a mission. Admittedly, this is really the first time that I can say that I've read them through completely (outside of seminary studies). I have already learned a lot and I am just starting Luke. Man! I didn't even know he wasn't an Apostle...Learn something new everyday: - )

On the more spiritual side, a miracle kind of happened. So, one day we were at the branch (church congregation) and we got a text from a random number asking if they could pray in the church with us. Of course, we said yes and they came. It turns out the person was a former investigator who other missionaries had lost track of a while ago. We met with her and she expressed a love for the church and the feeling she had when she was there. We met a couple more times and asked if she would be baptized. She said yes!...which is awesome. So, that should happen in the next couple of weeks.

On the funnier side, there is this hobo who hates missionaries and he always yells at us. It's cool though - he's not really that threatening. He is rascist so he especially hates Asian missionaries. We were finding one day with some of the Vietnamese elders and he belly shoved the Vietnamese elder. It was so funny.

Hope you guys are enjoying the holidays. Most of our teaching pool has left to their homelands for the holidays so work is slowing down, but there is still lots to do. Love you all.

Love Elder Otterson

 Adam's "Blue Steel" Look - Melbourne Bay

 Melbourne Skyline 1

  Melbourne Skyline2

Quaint Dock - Melbourne

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