Sunday, August 2, 2015

Week of March 8 - Lots of Finding...

So far the work is going well. It took 60 hours, but we found someone to teach. I found a Zimbabwean family that are so prepared. We have been teaching the Mom and invited her to church and she came with here family and they loved it. We will start to teach the whole family and try and set some dates for them by the end of this month. Other than them, we are still doing a lot of finding, trying to find some others of God's elect. I have grown to love studying the scriptures and wish that I would have read more doctrinal books and such before. 

The ward is awesome, they just have a hard time doing missionary work themselves. It's been more of a challenge on a couple of fronts here: First, I was put into a ritzy area (harder to find humble, prepared people that are willing to change); secondly, this area has had some less diligent missionaries in the past. I have been trying to change that culture and have been able to see some changes as well. I imagine that it would be a lot like serving in the home ward back home. I do not envy them. I think that that the family we are teaching coming to church was the kick that this ward needed to get the ball rolling. Missionary work and success is contagious! 

Love Elder Otterson

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